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 Zoe is one of the calmest but most knowledgeable trainers you could ever meet, over so many different platforms. Her life experiences and achievements have helped put my own goals into perspective and give me a more realistic handle on what I want to achieve. She is the epitome of using varying training styles and disciplines for functional fitness as well as mindfulness and motivation in the correct way. 

Don’t get it twisted, she WILL beast you to limits you couldn’t imagine but also make sure you listen to your body!


She has personally helped me improve my pull-up game as well as my mental strength. 


Everyone needs a Zoe in their life!! 

Poonam G

Zoe has helped me get my mojo back since having my daughter. She’s trained me slowly and at the right pace to allow my body to recover from a C section, but also understood that I like to push myself and need to feel like I am making progress. Zoe has helped me stay on track and created me a training plan that I enjoy and allows me to get results, all in the comfort of my own home, which means I never have to leave my baby! Highly recommend!!

Zara H

I have been having personal training sessions with Zoe for the last few months and I can honestly say she’s amazing! Not only has Zoe helped me set my fitness goals, she’s also broadened my horizons on what I can actually achieve! She encompasses her wide range of knowledge and skills to deliver constantly varied sessions. She has a good balance between pushing me to my limits whilst making me feel like I am making good progress. Zoe’s service gives excellent value for money, being on hand seven days a week for advice, support and motivation! Definitely recommend!!

Jennifer R

I was a complete beginner to yoga. I was inflexible, stiff, and had back ache from sitting at a desk all day. I attended Zoe's classes and discovered that you didn't have to be flexible to do yoga, and actually it helped me mentally as much as it did physically.

Zoe teaches in a way that's for everyone, offering modifications, and alternatives, without singling you out, if you are injured, or can't do any of the poses.

Highly recommend going to one of her classes 

Sue P

Change the way you move

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